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15 Inspiring Quotes About Getting Older

After adulthood is achieved birthdays are often not looked upon with the same amount of excitement. Whilst there is a correlation, I don’t think we can attribute this to the fact that presents tend dry up after our teens… Once we realise that our bodies might not be in quite as good a shape as they were and nights out excite us less than nights in the annual addition of 1 to our age is often seen in a negative light.

In reality though whilst certain aspects of us may decline with the ageing process there are gains to be made in other areas. Ageing is not an opportunity afforded to everyone but for those that are lucky enough to have the opportunity, it is inevitable.

Here is our first Youtube video, which features 15 quotes that will hopefully help you look at the positives of growing older and be thankful for having the opportunity to do so.

The quotes are from the following people:
Lynsay Sands
Will Rogers
Francis Bacon
Albert Einstein
Satchel Paige
Donna Lynn Hope
Ann Landers
Booth Tarkington
Ingrid Bergman
Coco Chanel
W. Somerset Maugham
Mark Twain
The Talmud
George Burns
George Carlin

If you have a favourite quote related to getting older or even some wise works of you own you can add them to the comments section beneath the video on YouTube.

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All the quote in the video and many other age related and life quotes can be found in our quotes section:

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