4 Kid’s Party Ideas You Can Have at Home

When it comes to being a parent it can sometimes feel that there is always plenty to think about and plan. This is particularly true when it gets close to organising a birthday party for your kids.

Whether they are a boy or girl there are a whole host of different ideas that you can put into place when it comes to celebrating their birthday.
To help you to think of some, we have put together 5 great ideas for kid’s birthday parties that can be held in your own home.

1. Garden party

Does your kid love getting out and about? If they have a birthday during the warmer weather, then why not throw them a garden party? A great idea for this is to have a picnic in the garden, with plenty of sandwiches and treats. For an extra touch, you could even set up a tepee tent for the fun packed activities and crafts.

2. Painting party

Do you have a younger child and feel stuck on what to do with them for their birthday? A really simple idea is to get out plenty of messy arts and crafts and let the kids go mad. This might be best suited to the garden, where you can lay out an old sheet or plenty of plain paper, as well as a variety of different paints and sticky stuff, giving them all a paintbrush (or perhaps use their body parts instead).

3. Minecraft party

You will be hard pressed to find a kid above the above of 7 who doesn’t love Minecraft (or if Minecraft isn’t cool anymore swap for the latest trend!). For us adults the popularity of this block themed game is pretty baffling! But, if you are stuck for birthday party ideas, this might just be a simple answer! From Minecraft themed food, easy to make costumes and even a creeper piñata. You can transform your home into a Minecraft world!

4. Outdoor movie night

A great party idea for older children is to fashion your very own outdoor movie theatre. You can move the TV outside, or perhaps hire a projector if need be, and lay out plenty of big and cosy cushions as well as blankets. If you want to go the whole hog, then why not hire a popcorn machine so that the kids can help themselves to some sweet treats?
Kids parties don’t always have to be held away from home, in fact, you can be surprised by what you can achieve in your own home. All it takes is some careful thought and planning and you can have a party that sets you apart from the other families.

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