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Birthday Offers

If it’s your birthday or someone who you know has a birthday coming up be sure to look at our comprehensive list of birthday freebies and offers below: (tip: copy the link into your Facebook birthday messages to make sure your friends can take advantage of them on their birthday!)

  • Greggs – Free “sweet treat” if you use their app.
  • Yorkshire Tea – Free teabag and birthday card if you register on their website.
  • TGI Fridays – Free “treats” for you and up to 5 friends on your birthday and half-birthday!

Please bear in mind that some offers and freebies might be different locally so check with any retailers or establishment before assuming that it’s available to you. Also as offers change over time or mistakes can be made we can’t guarantee the accuracy of this list.

If you know about a birthday offer that we haven’t listed you can let us know either by contacting us directly, through the social networks or by using our submit deal form. Also if you can confirm or deny any of the above offers through a recent experience we’d love to hear from you. Thanks!