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14 Toys from the 60’s that are Worth Thousands Now

It’s nice to reminisce about toys we played with as children isn’t it? Especially as toys these days are so different. Back then, there was no internet or computer games, and most of the toys didn’t even need batteries!

Dating Tips for the Over 50s

There’s a common misconception that once you reach the age of 50, you’re out of the dating game. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and, as many individuals are discovering, this simply means you’re coming into your stride.

4 Kid’s Party Ideas You Can Have at Home

When it comes to being a parent it can sometimes feel that there is always plenty to think about and plan. This is particularly true when it gets close to organising a birthday party for your kids.

5 Gift Ideas for Over 50s

When buying gifts, there are certain age groups that are deemed easier to buy for than others. While many can find an abundance of items for the younger generation, some of us struggle when it comes to older adults.

Elderly man

5 Things That Get Better With Age

We all know how good it is to feel young. In fact, during our younger days, growing old seemed so far away but you cannot drink from the fountain of youth forever and so, age catches up with you.

10 Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

One of our blog contributors is a mother of 2 young girls. As she’s an expert on the matter we thought we’d ask her for some gift ideas based on her experience…

Playing Sport in Older Age

Many people who enjoy playing sport and watching sport, follow the big-name professional players. These players are forced to retire from the professional game quite early in life, especially in the most physically demanding of sports, such as football and tennis.