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It’s nice to reminisce about toys we played with as children isn’t it? Especially as toys these days are so different. Back then, there was no internet or computer games, and most of the toys didn’t even need batteries! Those were certainly simpler times, and it was a new era of toys that were born of the latest television and film. Anything James Bond or Thunderbirds was so exciting! Etch-a-sketch, Spirograph and Scalextric (if you were very lucky!) were winners all round amongst girls and boys at the time.
Whilst it is lovely thinking about these different toys and how much fun they were, it is also a lot of fun to find out how much those toys are worth now. Afterall, if you have one or two of them in the loft, they may well contribute towards your next summer holiday, although, according to recent research, the cost of vintage toys is rocketing up at a massive 31% a year, so if you hang on to them a bit longer, they might even pay for the whole thing in a couple of years!
Here are some of the most popular toys from the 1950’s and 1960’s and what they could be worth now:

1. Matchbox Cars

60s Matchbox Collection

There was nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a shop to gaze upon all the beautiful yellow boxes, and having the treat of picking one out for your birthday. These days, the yellow box these cars sit in is so much more significant when it comes to worth, financial worth at least. The more pristine the car, the better. Vehicles from before 1970 are worth the most because they are of a higher quality, in fact some Matchbox cars in mint condition from the right time period can fetch up to $25,000 dollars.